Terms and Conditions


The White Oak (Thermae NV)

Leuvensesteenweg 116-118

1910 Kampenhout

VAT number: BE0444.290.781

Email: info@thewhiteoak.be

Our general terms and conditions aim to guarantee safety, tranquility, and hygiene when visiting all facilities of The White Oak. In order to guarantee all our visitors a pleasant stay, we kindly ask every visitor to carefully read and comply with the house rules and general terms and conditions.

Anyone who is a guest in one of our facilities is expected to have taken note of these rules before each visit.

The White Oak reserves the right to prohibit any person who appears to pose a threat to the health and safety of those present to enter the institution. The executive staff and management are also authorized to evict any present guests from The White Oak (drunkenness, disturbance of the public order, non-compliance with these house rules, and the like).

The White Oak has the right to refuse entry for any reason.

The house rules apply to all facilities at The White Oak. House rules that are specifically provided for a certain facility and deviate from the General House Rules, take precedence over the provisions provided in the General House Rules.

Registration at the reception of The White Oak is mandatory. To guarantee safety within The White Oak, all visitors are registered via an identity card (E-ID). A visitor cannot use the facilities without an identity card.

When registering at the reception, the visitor must always inform The White Oak of medical conditions that can, directly or indirectly, represent a danger to themselves or other visitors. When making a reservation, the customer is obliged to communicate all allergies, illnesses or inconveniences. Both for the use of the wellness facilities and for the treatments.

Children are not allowed. The minimum age for using the spa and sauna area is 16 years, for Beauty & Experiences, this is 12 years.

Directions from The White Oak staff should always be followed.

To maintain silence and privacy, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and e-readers are not allowed in the complex, as well as bags and handbags. Please use the provided lockers to store them away. It is not allowed to take photos or make videos within the entire complex of The White Oak.

We reserve the right to correct information provided incorrectly on the website (www.thewhiteoak.be), folders or advertising, both before and after a visit, registration or reservation.

Lost objects are kept for 1 month for collection, after which we donate them to a good cause. The White Oak will not proceed to dispatch the items left behind by the guest.

The White Oak cannot be held liable for accidents, physical or material damage, loss of goods or incorrect use of the sauna complex. Damage, caused by you to the complex, will be charged. Equipment settings should not be changed by customers.

We do everything we can to provide excellent service and quality of our products and services. If you are dissatisfied or have a comment, we appreciate it to inform us so that we can come to a solution together. (info@thewhiteoak.be).

Wellness Use

To ensure the peace and relaxation of all visitors, silence is requested when using our facilities.

We ask everyone to respect all visitors and to refrain from aggressive or racist behavior, unwanted or desired intimacies, insults, drunkenness or physical violence. Visitors who do not comply with this must immediately leave the facilities at The White Oak’s first request, without any form of compensation or compensation.

During the stay, every visitor receives a wristband to close his/her locker and with which all spending is registered. It is mandatory to continue to wear the strap. If the wristband is lost, an amount equal to the entrance fee will be charged.

You can pay on the spot in cash, with Bancontact or by credit card. For security reasons, we can refuse payment with large denominations in cash.

For hygienic reasons, it is mandatory to shower before entering the sauna complex.

Even after every visit to the sauna, infrared, sauna, toilet or steam bath, you should first take a shower before entering the whirlpool or swimming pool.

It is forbidden to dive in the pool.

It is not allowed to wear swimwear in the sauna area (with the exception of swimwear days). Mandatory use of towels in saunas and hammam.

Before granting access to the facilities, The White Oak may impose additional requirements with regard to the visitor’s personal hygiene and clothing.

Taking care of personal hygiene (for example brushing teeth, shaving, coloring hair, etc.) is not allowed in the facilities.

Intimate physical contact is not allowed.

Smoking is only allowed on the terrace.

It is not allowed to occupy chairs and sunbeds without using them.

For fire safety, it is strictly forbidden to make infusions/pouring yourself in the sauna. An infusion/pouring is only allowed by employees of The White Oak. Do not dry towels or other textiles in the sauna.

It is prohibited to enter the outdoor pools and the indoor pool with connection to the outside during thunderstorms (lightning).

It is prohibited to bring weapons, knives, chemical substances or other products into the wellness complex.


If you inform 48 hours in advance, 50% of the reservation(s) made will be charged. From 24 hours in advance, 100% of the reservation amount is due. Cancellations are always made in writing.

If not all agreed treatments are cancelled, the aforementioned fees will apply to the canceled performances on a pro rata basis. The White Oak may, incidentally or otherwise, waive compensation in the event of cancellation. The White Oak can also demand compensation from the other party for moving arrangements and/or treatments.

The other party is liable to third parties for the consequences of the cancellation and will indemnify The White Oak against claims from these third parties arising from this. If The White Oak has already made payments to third parties involved in the execution of the agreement before the cancellation of the agreement, these payments must, insofar as The White Oak cannot reclaim them from that third party, by the other party to The White Oak getting paid in full.

The White Oak may set off all amounts already paid by the other party against the compensation owed by the other party.

The White Oak advises its visitors to always store valuable objects in the designated lockers. Every visitor is responsible for his own personal belongings. If damage is caused to the space you rented (locker), you are obliged to pay for the repair of this damage.

The White Oak is not responsible for theft and/or loss of objects within the domain of The White Oak.

Belgian law applies to all our legal relationships. For disputes between The White Oak and our customers, the Court of Justice Vilvoorde and the Court of First Instance Brussels (depending on the value of the amount) has jurisdiction, unless a different court is assigned by law.

Force majeure

In the event of force majeure on the part of the other party or the company, the company may dissolve the agreement by means of a written statement to the other party or suspend the fulfillment of its obligations towards the other party for a reasonable period without being obliged to pay any compensation.

In the context of these General Terms and Conditions, force majeure on the part of the company is understood to mean: a non-attributable shortcoming on the part of the company, third parties or suppliers engaged by it or other compelling reasons on the part of the company. The following shall be understood as circumstances in which force majeure will arise:

war, terrorism, riot, mobilization, domestic and foreign riots, government measures, strikes within the organization of the Company and/or of the other party or threat of these, etc.

circumstances, disruption of the currency relations existing at the time of entering into the agreement, business disruptions due to fire, burglary, sabotage, natural phenomena, etc.

as well as due to weather conditions, natural phenomena, road blocks, accidents, etc.

Force majeure is also an unforeseen shortage of personnel due to illness or absence with good reason of employees, masseurs, beauticians, etc.

If the force majeure situation occurs when the agreement has already been partially performed, the other party must in any case fulfill its obligations towards the company up to that moment.

Hygiene & safety

In order to maintain safety, there is only camera surveillance at the exit doors and at the reception and the bars. The visitor is made aware of this when entering the facilities of The White Oak.

It is not allowed to add products in the swimming pool, whirpool baths or saunas.

Every visitor is expected to thoroughly clean his/her body in the spaces available for that purpose, before entering the wellness complex and using the wellness facilities.

After using the toilet, visitors are kindly requested to wash their hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.

For everyone’s hygiene, it is mandatory to sit on a towel with the entire body in the saunas and foot bath.

Everyone is, of course, welcome to use our facilities, but please be aware that there is no lift in the building and there are a number of level differences, such as a swimming pool, whirlpool baths, a waterfall bath, foot bath, sauna with bench levels, …

It is forbidden to walk barefeet because of the risk of slippery conditions and the risk of falling.

Please dispose of your waste in the bins.

Pets are not allowed.

Sauna & Health

Checklist for your first sauna visit:

Minimum 2 large towels: one to sit on in the sauna and one to dry off.

A bathrobe: to relax between two sauna sessions or to have something to eat/drink in the restaurant.

Slippers: hygiene is a top priority!

Clean underwear: nothing more annoying than having to crawl back into your “dirty” clothes after a cleansing day in the sauna.

A hairbrush: to reshape your hair after the very last shower.

It is best to make a sanitary stop before your sauna visit, after all, sauna has a stimulating effect on the kidneys.

Sauna and hygiene are inseparably linked.

A warm shower and the use of soap are mandatory upon entering and after using the toilet. It is also advisable to rinse well when changing the baths, in order to maintain the water quality.

Use the warm foot bath regularly. At the beginning of the sauna session to pre-warm the body and disinfect the feet, afterwards to warm up the body after a cooling session.

Build up your sauna visit and start with an infrared sauna or a less warm sauna. It is not recommended to start with the hottest sauna.

Listen to your own body and stay in the cabin for as long as you feel comfortable.

It is best to gradually cool down by enjoying the fresh air, you can take a walk or sit outside for a while and breathe in and out well. The cool-down hose is the next step, followed by a cold shower, cold plunge, and/or pool.

Drink enough water after your sauna visit.

Moisturizing cream: your skin is completely cleansed, don’t forget to moisturize it well to keep that soft feeling as long as possible.

Resting at least fifteen minutes between two sauna sessions is an absolute must.

People with high blood pressure should pay attention when cooling down.

Due to the sudden cold, your blood vessels narrow (in some cases they can even close) and therefore your blood pressure rises. Therefore, do not immediately jump into the cold plunge pool, rather cool off with a lukewarm shower and leave enough time between two sauna sessions.

People with low blood pressure should be a little careful while warming up. Because of the heat in the sauna, the blood vessels are dilated and the blood pressure goes down. A few tips: don’t sit too long on the highest bench in the sauna, because that’s where it’s hottest. Rather choose the lower bench and limit your time in the sauna. Sitting in the whirlpool bath for too long can also cause dizziness, so a good five minutes in the hot tub is sufficient.

People with respiratory problems or asthma who want to go to the sauna for the first time should consult their doctor first.

Diabetes is a disease that in principle allows one to go to the sauna. We however advise all diabetics to seek the advice of the attending physician before going to the sauna.

Checklist sauna use for diabetes patients:

Do not inject insulin just before the sauna.

Always go to the sauna in company.

Regularly measure glucose levels.

Think of an emergency snack.

Limit your time in the sauna.

Cool down well.

Get enough rest.

Are you over 60 and want to go to the sauna for the first time? Please consult your doctor first.

In most cases there is no reason why you should not enjoy the benefits of a sauna visit. Exceptionally, there are health problems that require some caution, so it is better to consult an expert if in doubt.


It is not allowed to consume your own drinks and/or food in the entire building.

Drinks and food can only be consumed in the restaurant, the outdoor terrace and the tropical bar. It is therefore prohibited to consume drinks or food in our saunas, steam cabin, whirlpools or swimming pools.

It is the customer’s responsibility to request the allergies information from the staff in case of allergic disorders. Alcohol and sauna do not go well together. The staff is authorized, for your and our safety, to refuse to serve alcohol to guests if they do not consume it responsibly. Therefore please use alcohol in moderation.

It is prohibited to use narcotic, pain-relieving or mind-altering substances just before or during your sauna visit.


Essentials for your Wellness Experience:

Bath towels (1 bathrobe, 1 large towel, 1 small towel)

Wearing a bathrobe is mandatory. Your own bathrobe and towels are allowed, but can also be rented at the reception if desired. In case of loss of rented towels, compensation will be charged: bathrobe €50 and bath towel €25.

A toweling bathrobe is necessary to keep you warm and covered, both in the wellness area and in our restaurant facilities. In addition, you need 1 large towel in the sauna, because your entire body has to lie on a towel. You also need 1 towel to dry yourself.

Not allowed:

Dressing gowns from other materials such as satin, fleece…

Beachwear such as beach dresses, etc.


Always wear a bathrobe when you circulate in the wellness complex and the garden. A bathrobe is also mandatory in the lounge and rest areas.


Entering the wellness complex with shoes, boots or other footwear is prohibited. Wearing anti-slip bath slippers is mandatory when moving around the wellness complex. You enter saunas and baths barefoot.

Own slippers are allowed, slippers are also available for sale at the reception.

Swimwear Days

On the swimwear days, only swimwear in the fabric elastane is allowed. This substance does not retain any waste, so that the quality of our water remains optimal.

The following regulations apply on the swimwear days:

For men, short, fitted swimming shorts in elastane fabric are mandatory. ‘Loose’ swimming shorts are not allowed.

For ladies, a bikini or bathing suit without a closed neck, sleeves and/or legs applies. Strings and monokini are not allowed.

Conditions ‘Beauty & Experiences’


Everyone from the age of 12 is welcome for the beauty treatments. People under 18 must therefore still be accompanied by an adult (+18 year old) when visiting the complex.


When you make a reservation you automatically agree to the house rules.

Appointments can be made by telephone, e-mail/website or at the reception. Confirmation of the appointment is done by email.

Duration of a treatment session includes reception, time to change and, for some treatments, rest time.

Please arrive on time for your appointment, register at least 10 minutes in advance at the desk.

Showing up too late for a session cannot lead to an extension of the duration of the treatment. If there is insufficient time left to bring the treatment to a good quality, the appointment will be moved to another time. Please note that this cannot always be planned in the short term.

However, the treatment will be charged in full.

Our modeling sessions are neither medical nor paramedical. This concerns care sessions in the field of well-being/well-being and aesthetics.


If you inform 48 hours in advance, 50% of the reservation(s) made will be charged. From 24 hours in advance, 100% of the reservation amount is due. Cancellations are always made in writing.

In the case of a No Show, the planned treatment will be invoiced in full, you will receive an invoice.


No facial treatments are given at:

Fever/Cold Sore

Flu or severe cold

Infectious skin diseases

The White Oak reserves the right to refuse clients whose personal hygiene leaves something to be desired. When depilating intimate areas, we ask you to come to the treatment refreshed.

The treatments are strictly of a non-erotic nature. Any direct or indirect requests will therefore not be accepted and you will be denied access.

If you would like to come by for a gift voucher, product or general information, we will be happy to assist you at the reception.


In case of an allergic reaction to products from The White Oak, you should contact us so that we can subject your skin to an analysis/examination to see/determine the allergy. If there is a reaction that could be product related, you must complete and sign an allergy complaint form. Without this form we cannot return your product to the supplier.


If you choose to pay by credit card, the amount will be debited from your card immediately after your payment confirmation. All our prices are indicative and may be subject to change.

Returning products:

Purchased products at The White Oak that are not as expected and you wish to exchange, can be done under the following conditions:

The product must be in its original condition and undamaged.

You may not actually use the product if you do not yet know whether you will keep it. The White Oak may request compensation if, after the exchange, it appears that you have done something with the product that was not necessary to assess it.

Products purchased from The White Oak can only be exchanged within 14 days of purchase with proof of purchase, provided the product is unopened and/or unused.

Products can only be purchased at The White Oak branch in Kampenhout and can only be exchanged on site at the reception.