House rules


Everyone from 16 years old is welcome in the spa & sauna area. In our Beauty & Experiences you are welcome from the age of 12.

Clothes and Slippers

The White Oak is a nude sauna with textile days. Please respect our dress code on swimwear days. Men wear fitted short swim shorts in elastane (this material retains less perspiration and waste). Women are not allowed to wear a bikini or bathing suit, thong or monokini. Always put on a bathrobe when you walk around, even on bathing suit days. We ask that you wear bath slippers throughout the building. You are not allowed to enter the complex with shoes, boots or other footwear. You then enter saunas and baths barefoot. So leave your slippers outside. You can only keep them in the steam bath.


Before using the thermal baths, we ask that you thoroughly cleanse your body in the designated areas. It is mandatory to shower before entering the baths, saunas or steam room. In the saunas and foot bath, sit with your entire body on a towel.

Lockers with Wristband

Bags are not allowed in the complex, but you can leave your personal belongings in a locker, which you open and close with a special wristband. This wristband also serves to register what you consume throughout the day. It is mandatory to wear this strap, and The White Oak is not liable for the consequences in case of loss. We recommend that you store valuables in the lockers. The management is not liable for loss or theft of your belongings.

Food and Drink

Eat enough before going to the sauna or bathhouse. Avoid a full stomach right before a massage treatment.

Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed. Drink alcohol in moderation. The sale of alcohol can always be refused.

Smoking and Narcotics

Smoking is only allowed on the terrace.

It is forbidden to use narcotic, pain-relieving, or mind-altering substances just before or during the sauna visit.

Entrance to the complex

We reserve the right to refuse guests access to the complex.

We reserve the right to refuse groups larger than four people.

Access can be denied to persons under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, or when any situation arises that we cannot allow in the complex.

Respectful Attitude

We ask everyone to respect everyone present.

Aggressive or racist behavior, sexual harassment, insults or physical violence are strictly prohibited.

We ask that you always follow any directions from The White Oak staff.

To ensure tranquility, we ask to be quiet in all our facilities.

Our Cards

Our cards cannot be combined with other benefits.

In the event of misuse and/or improper use of our cards by the holder or other parties, The White Oak has the right to cancel the card in question with immediate effect.

If our cards are lost or damaged, they can be blocked and a new card will be offered. This may entail an administrative cost of €20.

Depending on which turn card, these may or may not be person- and time-bound.

Fire (Safety)

It is strictly forbidden to make infusions yourself in the saunas. Only employees of The White Oak are authorized to do this.

Do not dry towels or other textiles in the saunas.

The White Oak accepts no liability for injuries, allergic reactions or injuries.

To guarantee safety and detect undesirable behaviour, The White Oak uses camera surveillance. You will be made aware of this when you enter the building.

Not Allowed

These things or acts are prohibited:

  • Animals
  • Weapons, Knives, Chemicals and Dangerous Products
  • Smartphones, iPads & Laptops
  • Mobile Calling
  • Take Pictures or Other Recordings
  • Keep Chairs and Sunbeds Occupied without Using Them
  • Bring Glasses or Food into the Spa area, only in the designated areas

Reservations, Prices and Payment

We reserve the right to correct incorrect information on our website and in our brochures or advertisements, both before and after orders or reservations.

If we do not specify a number of persons with a price for a sauna access, package or treatment, this price always applies to one person. The White Oak cannot be held liable for any printing errors, omissions or misunderstandings that may arise from this.

We will not refund your advances if you do not honor your reservation. In that case, The White Oak is also released from its obligations.

If you do not comply with the agreements made for treatments, you automatically owe us the price for these treatments. Consult our cancellation conditions in the general terms and conditions.

For security reasons, we can refuse payment with large denominations in cash.

Promotions and/or discounted rates cannot be combined.

These house rules regulate the (legal) position between the parties prior to an agreement.